You may not have explored these interesting WhatsApp features yet

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When it comes to WhatsApp, most of the discussion revolves around how safe and secure the private messaging platform is. Of course, safety and privacy remain key strategic priorities, but WhatsApp also focuses on enhancing its users’ experience as well by adding unique features to the platform.

However, many users may not have explored these new features yet that make the application all the more exciting and fun. Let’s look at some of the features that may have stayed under our radars:

1) Curious who your WhatsApp BFF is? Everyone has these one or more friends who constantly bombard us with their funny and unfunny memes and video clips. You can now find out who is the one responsible for cluttering your phone but you secretly enjoy their antics. This feature allows users to see who is using the most space on their phone by showcasing a detailed breakdown of the number of messages exchanged and images, videos and GIFs shared.

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To access the feature, go to ‘Settings’ on your WhatsApp and tap on ‘Storage and Data’ option and tap again on ‘Manage Storage’. You can also manage your data usage here.

2) Pinning your favourite people: WhatsApp allows users to keep their most used or important chats at the top of their list because no one likes to scramble through the entire chat list to find their best friends or family.

To pin a chat, press and hold the chat in question and then tap the thumbnail icon appearing on the top of the options menu. Additionally, users can press the triple dot menu and select the create shortcut option to place the conservation on the homepage of their cellphones.

3) Formatting text and fonts: Don’t have the time to format your text over a word document? Now you can do it on WhatsApp with ease and convenience. It is important because text formatting helps users to communicate with effect, nuance and range and their message stand out in a long group conversation.

Select the text in the text field, then choose Bold, Italic, or More to format it according to your desired format. For more information visit:

4) WhatsApp Sticker packs: Apart from the extensive collection of expressive stickers, smileys and GIFs, WhatsApp users can also download different sticker packs, rearrange them and add personal ones from third-party apps to deepen their experience.

5) Share your location: You can now share your live location with your contacts. The location is updated in real-time and you can keep tabs on the exact whereabouts of specific contacts. You can share location for 15 minutes, 1 Hour or 8 Hours straight. It’s great for finding your friends at concerts, music festivals or keeping an eye on your kids when you’re out and about.

6) Send a voice message…without hands!: Sometimes, just the sound of your voice is worth a thousand words. With just one tap you can record a Voice Message, including those long stories that require a lot of detail and set up by pressing and holding the microphone icon and then sliding it to a lock button to record hands-free.

That’s not it!

From a whole range of features in chat to light and dark mode for the app itself, WhatsApp constantly innovates to respond to the evolving needs of its users. It is important to keep exploring all the new features to improve your user experience. So what’s the wait? Get exploring!

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